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As we approach the end of 2019's second quarter, I want to add two opportunities for charitable giving in Southeast Asia, based on my friend and colleague Kim Heang's useful recommendation to include this region  

These will be my last charitable giving postings for awhile.....I'll add a few more before the end of the tax year.  I may add additional posts about my work through the year, depending on where I find myself and what is happening there.   

Please remember that you are welcome to add your own charitable giving suggestions in the comments if you know of other health and social protection work that merits support.

6.    Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF)

How/why it was created: CCF was founded by Scott Neeson, former President of 20thCentury Fox International and head of Sony Pictures International’s marketing operations.  During a 2003 sabbatical he visited Phnom Penh and there saw many children living and working on the Steung Meanchey garbage dump, a waste site that spans approximately 100 acres.  Moved by so much poverty in such a toxic environment, he resigned from his US job and created CCF, an NGO that has continued to evolve over time.  You can see photos of the Steung Meanchey dump here:

CCF’s two guiding pillars are Education and Leadership. The Education Program is the driving force behind all operations, to provide a pathway out of poverty for students and their families. The Leadership Program ensures that students graduate with a strong sense of social justice and a commitment to making a better future for themselves, their communities and country. Through linked child protection, career and life skills, and community outreach programs, CCF helps families escape debt, educate children, and develop job skills for parents and older children.

I applied to become a CCF volunteer while working in Cambodia for a six-month period, based on the organization’s excellent reputation; however, given my lack of national language (Khmer) fluency, the organization didn’t have a role where I could be useful.  But I have watched their good work with keen interest.

Reputation and results:  CCF works with several partners to leverage and enhance results and impact.  See

The organization’s annual and financial reports can be found at:

For more information about CCF, visit:

How to give:  Click the blue DONATE button in the right upper corner of the website.

7.    Support Lao Children

How/why it was created:  The Montpelier Foundation is a UK based registered charity (registration number 1139851). Its mission is to eradicate poverty for all children in Northern Laos. A key program is Support Lao Children, founded by Andrew Brown, an Australian living in Luang Prabang.  who became aware of the Suan Luang orphanage and initially began to provide individual food support twice weekly.  Over time and with the help of donors, he set up Support Lao Children to improve the lives of the children in three residential institutions in Northern Lao – Luang Prabang, Suan Luang and Numbuk.

The organization now supports over 4,000 children across the three orphanages (please note that not all children residing in these three centers have lost both parents.  Some are placed there by very poor parents who cannot afford to care for them.) The Lao government is supportive and provides a small amount of money for school supplies and food, however the three centers rely primarily on donor support.

I learned about the Luang Prabang orphanage from an Australian colleague with whom I worked in Papua New Guinea, added myself to their mailing list, and have followed communications from committed volunteers who have worked there, with the institutions operating at times on a shoestring budget but with great commitment and determination.

Reputation and results:  Support Lao Children provides:
  1. nutritious meals with meat, fish and eggs
  2. water filtration systems to provide clean drinking water
  3. medical and dental support that includes weekly visits to the orphanages and emergency assistance
  4. scholarships to enable as many residents as possible to attend college.

For more information, visit:  

Montpelier Foundation’s financial reports are posted on its website:

How to give: To donate, click on this link:

You will see the Montpelier Foundation’s name on the payment page if you make a donation to Support Lao Children.  All funds donated into this account are exclusively for the orphanages. Donations can also be made by bank transfer; you can contact Andrew Brown directly at for these details.

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